Why ? There are so many places in this world to see. And there are a few which might not be worth to spend too much time on. To be able to concentrate on the good ones - this is what we created metropoloco for.

How ? The idea is pretty simple. We are all travelling. And often we find places which are not listed in any travel guide or places we just liked.

If you would like to share these special places with other people around the world, metropoloco is the place to do it: send us the stories and pictures of your trip. Tell us and the whole world about the great deal you got in a superb hotel, the beautiful landscape you have seen when you left the tourist route, the excellent service you have experienced in the small restaurent, the friendly old woman in the traditional food store. No matter when it was, no matter where it was, no matter what it was - we from metropoloco will feature your favourite destination. And we will put it onto the world wide web.

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